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Consistently make more money

Earn between transactions


Deliver unmatched service

Keep your clients your clients

Control your future

Introducing the ZEMBER Agent Dashboard!

ZYYAH’s ZEMBER Dashboard allows real estate agents to keep clients forever, monetize your database between transactions, have new revenues from existing clients and keep your information secure. ZYYAH is the CARFAX® for homes!


ALL Real Estate Professionals* can become a ZEMBER agent in today’s fast changing disruptive real estate market.

ZEMBERS regain control over their career, have a clear vision of their real estate future and make more money as they do so.

Give your client network a whole new way to perfect their home living. It’s here. And, it’s now.


The ZEMBERMission

ZYYAH’s ZEMBER mission is to partner, protect and promote the Real Estate Professional. You’ve worked hard to build your brand and your client base.  Don’t lose all you’ve built to the new emerging technology companies seeking to force you out!

Oh, ZEMBERSHIP can also be used by teams of real estate professionals to leverage information, opportunity and income streams.


Your ZEMBERBenefits

ZYYAH will provide ZEMBERS with a state-of-the-art platform to strengthen and extend client relationships by increasing service levels and growing the long-term value you provide.

Modernizing Transactions

Offering you and your clients a “modern, digital way” to initiate and complete a full buy-side or sell-side real estate experience (with a ZEMBER owning each and every transaction!).

Deeper Client Loyalty

Building and protecting relationships with clients beyond the transaction. Offering the best trend and predictive insight in the industry, along with leading home services (all ZEMBER branded to you and the client!).

What’s in it for you? ZYYAH brings you new pre-qualified leads to ZEMBERS!

What’s in it for your client? ZYYAH’s services brings the most comprehensive home lifestyle platform available, allowing your clients to truly “appreciate their homes.”

The combination of ZYYAH value means that clients will use ZYYAH for its comprehensive home lifestyle value. When they’re ready to buy or sell, they’ll use ZYYAH to initiate a transaction—meaning pre-qualified leads to you (…if you’re a ZEMBER)!

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*Real Estate Professionals includes collectively Agents, REALTORS® and/or brokers.

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